A basic understanding about dental implants and the costs Involved

Teeth implants are the new generation of replacement dentistry. Unlike other forms of replacement, dental implants make use of the jaw bone structure to gain support for the replaced teeth while other forms of replacement (dental bridges) use the other teeth and surrounding tissues to gain support. So, this makes...

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Dental implants are considered as the most effective treatment when dealing with a badly damaged tooth or toothloss. It is proven to give great aesthetic results and it can last longer than most other treatments like dental bridges.

However, it is to be considered that when dealing with the human body, there is no such thing as one hundred percent positive result. That is why; dental...

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Dental crowns are available in the shape of a tooth and are used to restore a brittle, weak, broken or cracked tooth. All these issues can be solved with the dental crowns that are available nowadays.

These crowns come in different materials like zirconia,...

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Cerec is also known as Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and Ceramic Reconstruction.

A dental reinstatement procedure permits a dental practitioner to create an ancillary ceramic dental reinstatement by using different computers that are aided with various computer assisted technologies. These technologies could comprise of 3D photography and other features like CAD/...

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Gum diseases and tooth loss go hand in hand. When we say gum disease, it does not mean irritation and bleeding for a short period, sometimes it can become serious leading to tooth loss.

It is very essential to identify a gum disease on its onset so that proper diagnosis can be done and the treatment pattern decided. The onset of a gum disease often takes place with a bacterial infection...

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There are many issues surrounding the use of veneers and crowns.

Veneers and crowns are both being used to treat dental problems like repair of tooth decay, cavities and root canals procedures.

Both dental products are also being used for aesthetic purposes: to improve the physical appearance of the teeth, especially those located in the front of the mouth.

Sometimes the...

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